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I have been living my life behind the camera now for over 20 years and working professionally for over 11 years, both here in Australia and also in Canada where I lived for 18 years as an Aussie Expat.

Let me tell you.... there's nothing quite like shooting a Canadian family session while the snow is falling heavily and the temperature is sitting around  -35 centigrade!

My services include:


My aim is to always make you feel completely at ease and relaxed while you're in front of my camera.  

I'll do what ever it takes so you thoroughly enjoy the entire experience, with a relaxed and easy going personality I'll direct you throughout a combination of gentle posing with a healthy mix of candid shots., capturing exactly who you are.

Photography is my passion!

To me..... it is the same as breathing!


Don't Blink! believes that everyone, no matter what, should have the opportunity of having their precious moments and memories captured for all time!.

For this reason Don't Blink! Photography have easily manageable payment plans available for you.

Each plan is customized to work with your budget, your time frame and your comfortability. Plans can start as low as $20.00 per week up to $200.00 per week, depending on the package or print item & your budget.  


If you would like more information on how our payment plans work, please send us an email via the Contact Me tab and we will be more than happy to explain our plans to you and answer any questions you may have.

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