I first met this Gorgeous couple back in October of 2021.  And from that very first meeting I knew this pair were special.  My usual one to two hour consultation turned into spending almost 5 hours with these wonderful humans... I didn't even realise the time was flying by us!

We did a little road trip out to where their Ceremony & Reception were going to be., then off to visit the location for their Bridal Party photographs... the whole entire time we were gabbing and laughing like we were old friends. 

During the consultation, where we built the perfect photographic timeline for their day they both had loads of questions., which I absolutely loved!!! By the end of our evening (which was close to 10:00pm hahaha) We all felt secure in the decisions made and the plan we'd sorted out. To say I was excited for them... Yeah... understatement of the year!

On January 8th 2022 This Meant to Be couple were married sharing their love  for each other with their families and friends. 

I knew it was going to be an amazing day, but the unwavering joy and happiness that emanated from both Sarah and Philip, knowing they were about to marry each others very best friend was literally stunning!  

Sarahs smile lit up the room and everyone in it with a neon glow!  

My only wish for this amazing young couple, is that your Marriage is even MORE beautiful than your Wedding Day! 

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