TIME TO SHINE! - Candid & Posed Portraits - Don't Blink! Photography


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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have an Outdoor Glamour Shoot done.... wonder no more.

As you can see by just some of Tamara's shots below, it can be done... and it is definitely a LOT of Fun!

This is what happens when you put some awesome outfits together with a few key accessories,  with an amazing team of hair stylist and make-up artist along with a photographer with a crazy imagination.  MAGIC!

Tamara started her day out as just the girl next door... but after just a little work with my team.... Tamara blossomed into an amazing beauty! 

Although quite shy to begin with, once we got on location, and got the camera happening.... she became so incredibly confident!! We laughed so much our cheeks hurt! 

And as each wardrobe change happened, Tamara's confidence only grew!

It was beautiful to witness!

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