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You have worked so hard to get here....

Your Day! Your Wedding Day!

You have organised, planned, budgeted, scheduled, scripted and lost many hours of stress-filled sleep to get here!

So it's only fair that you would want all of your work, all of your efforts and ALL of your love to be captured with the same effort and passion you have dealt out during  that

exhausting and yet oh so rewarding build up to this..... Your Wedding Day!

This is where I come in! My name is Leonie and I live to capture everything and anything that happens to pass by my lens. My style is very candid, very relaxed and seriously Fun!

You can expect me to be: Your Time Watcher (no need for you to even look at the clock... that's my job)

Your Body Guard (no one upsets my Brides and Grooms..... I need relaxed smiles, not frustrated sadness)

Your Cheer Leader (the moment stress kicks in., I'm there to support you)

And of course.... Your Photographer! (you do have me there for a reason eh....)

I tend to capture the events of your day as they unfold.... there are of course the must have standard shots., as you'll see in this portfolio., but you'll also see there are  the candid, relaxed, spontaneous shots (or as I like to call them.... the shots in between the shots)There are so many incredible moments in time on your day, that they all tend to blur into one big bundle in your brain..... I am there to untangle that bundle..... with every photograph capturing a moment that in real time.... would be over before you blinked. 

I absolutely LOVE my career!

I am Blessed to call Photography my Life!

And I would be HONOURED to Capture your Amazing Day of LOVE!!

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